Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Lina Triyana

Name : Lina Triyana
Place  : Solo
Website :

Title : Ayok Maen

It’s always happened when I was kid, After coming back from school. I just left my uniform and wearing my underwear.only..‘cause u know? I have an extra sweat production. yess, i'm a hyperactive! Haha..
Go out and play, carrying Ani (my beloved doll’s name), she’s always close to me. I treat her such as my baby…
We playing around, ignored the time, ‘till I found my blood coming out from my pretty tiny nose. When if were so, my mom scolded on me and asked me to take a nap..:D
She's said that "Muloo ora dolan wae, ayo bobo sik!" :))

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  1. sory my english is not that good sodara sodara...:D
    broken banget!! *mukamalu