Minggu, 17 April 2011

Geoffary Arka

Name : Geoffary Arka
Place  : Solo, Jogja, Bojonegoro, Serang; Indonesia (ihatemybrain@ymail.com)
Blog : http://ihmbgallery.blogspot.com/


once upon a time on 90's my father gave me a bike, a fake batman costume, and bar of chocolate, that day was one of the best moment in my life, the best day on my 90's. i wear that costume and ride that bike all day pretend to search for robin:p

my father also told me how to draw, he use to drew me a river that lately i know as Batanghari river, his homeland.. my father gave me the best childhood.. he told me everything i know to be a man. he told me to be brave, he told me to be honest to myself, he told me that different way to tell something was by draw it..

thats why i keep drawing now... for the best person i know, for the best childhood, for the best 90's, for my father...

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